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Why Us?

Ramble Vegas specializes in leading small, private hiking tours in secluded areas of the Mojave Desert just outside Las Vegas, NV. We take pride in customizing our trips to fit your experience level and expectations. We only take groups of 2 to 4 hikers, guaranteeing that it is only your small group on the hike, maximizing your enjoyment and making sure you never have to adjust your experience to accommodate another group. You’ll move at your own pace, stop to take photos as often (or as little) as you want and enjoy the views at your leisure. With Ramble Vegas it’s your hike. Enjoy it!

Come explore this amazing slot canyon!
Welcome to Bowl of Fire!
This Could Be You!
180 million year old sand dunes, pretty cool!
Wow! Now that is a view!
Come climb around here for an afternoon!

ram·ble /rambəl/

Hike, trek, walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.

Our Tours

Come with us and explore this remote, hidden treasure of the Mojave Desert called Bowl of Fire, just outside Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Like Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park, Bowl of Fire is dominated by the strikingly magnificent colors of the Aztec Sandstone, 180 million year old lithified sand dunes. But what sets Ramble Vegas and Bowl of Fire apart is the solitude you’ll experience. While Both Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are almost always busy with hikers, bikers and drivers, Bowl of Fire is virtually forgotten. If you don’t know the area or the terrain, it’s not easy to find and even harder to get to, 4×4 recommended. The isolation in such a breath-taking, almost alien expanse stands in amazing contrast to the shoulder to shoulder bustle of the Las Vegas Strip.

As all of our private rambles are personalized for you, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the remains of this ancient desert in whatever way you want: Sit and take in the views, scramble up the various formations, enjoy a little solace with a meditation, bring along your yoga mat or seek out that perfect photo so you can share and remember this other worldly place.

The itinerary is pretty simple:

• We pick you up
• Drive about an hour to the site
• Load up with H2O and snacks
• Hike 1/2 mile up a dry creek bed
• Enter the Bowl for fun and exploration!
• Hike back out and take you home
• The hike will last about 3 hours
• You should allot about 5 hours from pickup to drop off

Come with us and experience this unique formation in the Mojave Desert, not far from Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It is so well hidden that you won’t notice the entrance until we hike right up to it. You’ll enter into the middle of a limestone/sandstone mountain, taking in the beauty of what millions of years of erosion has created. You’ll want to stop many times to take some amazing photographs to share. No one will believe that you were only an hour away from the Las Vegas Strip!

The itinerary is pretty simple:

• We pick you up
• Drive about an hour to the site
• Load up with H2O and snacks
• Hike .7 miles up a wide canyon
• Enter the slot canyon for fun and exploration!
• Hike back out and take you home
• The hike will last about 2 hours
• You should allot about 4 hours from pickup to drop off


We do tours of only two to four hikers and they are completely private! Once you’ve booked your tour it will be closed so no others will be added. You’ll hike at your own pace as the hike will be customized to your comfort level and expectations. With Ramble Vegas, it’s your adventure so have fun!

First, what not to wear: please do not wear flip flops, sandals or any other open toed shoes. Trust us. You will not have a fun trip. We recommend hiking boots or good sturdy tennis shoes as a minimum. The sandstone can be slippery so you want something with good traction.

Either shorts or pants are fine and if you sunburn easily you may want a hat and long sleeve shirt.

-Trekking pole if desired
-Snacks to keep you fueled up for some ramblin’ fun
-Water, water and some more water

Easy! We pick you up. We take you back.

Stuff happens. We know. With at least 24 hours notice we will issue a full refund. If something comes up please communicate. We will do what we can to work around issues.