Bowl of Fire

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Located just a few miles outside of the Las Vegas Valley, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area stretches west from the Grand Canyon and covers almost 1,500,00 acres. It does, of course include all of Lake Mead and Lake Mohave to the south.

Although Lake Mead sits in the middle of the desert you’ll be surprised at the diversity of life: 900 plant species, 500 animal species and 24 rare and threatened species. It has 9 designated wilderness areas under the National Wilderness Preservation System and over 1,300 archeological sites.

We will be heading to Bowl of Fire located in the Muddy Mountains Wilderness, right on the edge of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Bowl of Fire

Bowl of Fire,  just north of Lake Mead is one of several large outcroppings of the Aztec Sandstone. The two other prominent areas where this geological feature can be explored are Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. They are both beautiful places and should not be missed by any outdoor enthusiast! But what sets Ramble Vegas and Bowl of Fire apart is the solitude you’ll experience. While Both Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are almost always busy with hikers, bikers and drivers, Bowl of Fire is virtually forgotten. If you don’t know the area or the terrain, it’s not easy to find. We are pleasantly surprised when we have the rare opportunity to come across another hiker. The isolation in such a breath-taking, almost alien expanse stands in amazing contrast to the shoulder to shoulder bustle of the Las Vegas Strip.

When you’re exploring Bowl of Fire you’ll be rambling around on 180 million year old sand dunes. Unique and dramatic geological events along with millions of years of erosion have exposed the brilliant hues of orange, red and purple. 

As all our private rambles are personalized for you, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the remains of this ancient desert in whatever way you want: Sit and take in the view, scramble up the various formations, enjoy a little solace with a meditation, bring along your yoga mat, or seek out that perfect photo so you can share and remember this other worldly place.